GAN 356 i Bluetooth 3x3 V2

GAN 356 i Bluetooth 3x3 V2


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The GAN 356 i Bluetooth 3x3 V2 sets the standard for Bluetooth cubing technology. Despite being a Bluetooth cube, the 356 i doubles as a great speedcube and does not hinder times in the least. If anything, it helps improve them! The V2 features some internal functionality such as the ability to view the charging status through the app and stability improvements.

Key features:

- Full motion tracking, enabling detailed solve statistics such as turns per second, rotations, and move count.

- Easy to use charging station

- Free downloadable mobile application to battle with friends or other cubers worldwide!


1) Before using your 356 i, please make sure to fully charge the cube for at least 4-6 hours.

2) If the battery is low, you will experience Bluetooth detection problems or connection failure.

3) When charging the 356 i, make sure that the white side is facing up in the charging dock otherwise the cube will not charge.

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