GAN 356 (i Carry 2) 3x3 Bluetooth Smart Cube

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Exterior Coating
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GAN 356 i Carry 2 3x3 Bluetooth Smart Cube is a chargeless Bluetooth speed cube with new features and improvements! The i Carry 2 does not compromise performance like some other Bluetooth Smart Cubes and is equipped with a convenient interchangeable battery.

The i Carry 2 does not include a gyroscope so the cube on the app will not match your movements when using the cube.

Version comparison
i Carry 2 i Carry S i Carry
Battery life ~ 700 hours ~ 330 hours ~ 280 hours
Battery type Button cell Button cell Button cell
Exterior finish UV Coated / Frosted Frosted Frosted
Dual-adjustment GES Pro+ Numerical Numerical
Magnet system Turbo Standard Standard
88g 81g 76g

Bluetooth functionality

Connect your GAN cube to your phone's Cube Station app via Bluetooth and enjoy many cool features! The Cube Station app will give statistics based on your solve times, training exercises, races with cubers worldwide, and more!

Download Cube Station for iOS (click) or Android (click)

Changing the battery

GAN advertises that the pre-installed battery is good for 700 hours of use (370 more than the previous version) before it needs to be changed. Video tutorial (click here)

Accessories included
  • Storage box
  • Storage bag ($3 value)
  • CFOP algorithm sheet

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Adrian M.
Best smart cube I have used

This smart cube is fast and reliable and is the best I have used but I think and only think that the i3 might be better but I am not sure

Eshan M.
Amazing Cube!

This cube was amazing! I loved the turning and it was so much better adding GAN lube. I have 1 problem because I was turning the tension and the whole cube broke apart. Then, I found there was a missing piece and I glued it with gorilla glue but then it just popped right off. I hope you can return the cube at speed cube shop. Great cube just don't do anything that messes up the tension.

Nice cube

Its a nice turning cube but my gan robot accidentally caused me to have to rebuild it and now the app for the cube is a bit wonky with my cube

Amazing cube!

This was my first gan cube and its such an amazing cube 5 stars

Quick Review from a Newbie

I've recently started my journey into cubing (2-look CFOP; PB as of writing is 1:07) and this is my first GAN product, but I must say that this one feels very satisfying. Turns great, has a satisfying sound, corner cuts nicely despite the clunky core (a more or less inevitable artifact of being a Smart Cube), stock magnets give nothing to complain... Also the way the cube can be customized doesn't require any fancy tool; it comes with a piece of metal but one might as well just use a paperclip or fingernails to get the job done when in a hurry.
I had no problems connecting it to csTimer. The cube basically wakes up when you pick it up, you usually don't even have to shake it. There really isn't much more to say. I can't compare it to any competitors, but it sets the standards high in my opinion. Also I can't judge how immune it is to corner twists on the various settings since I can't turn fast enough for this to be relevant. I of course can recommend it to beginners.

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