MoYu RS3 M V5 3x3 Magnetic (Dual-Adjustment)

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Damage Protection No
Lubrication Service
Exterior Coating
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Martian Lubricant

MoYu RS3 M V5 3x3 Magnetic (Dual Adjustment) is the successor to the legendary RS3 M 2020 that took the cubing community by storm!

Version comparison
  Standard Dual-Adjustment MagLev Ball-Core
Auto-alignment - - - 2.0
Magnetic core - - - Yes
MagLev - Yes Yes Yes
Dual-adjustment - Spring MagLev
Core settings - 9 9 9
Total magnets 48 48 48
Exterior finish Frosted Frosted Frosted UV Coated
Internal plastic color Primary Primary Purple Teal
Size 55.5mm 55.5mm 55.5mm 55.5mm
Weight 65 67 71 75


Dual-adjustment features
  • Classic screw/spring design.
  • Dual-adjustment system (9 settings)
Key features
  • Circular core design for increased stability
  • Micro strong magnets
  • Anti-pop mechanism
  • "Dragon scale" piece design for smoother turning
  • Lightweight design
  • 55-degree corner-cutting
  • 35-degree reverse corner-cutting
Accessories included
  • Adjustment tool
  • Screwdriver
  • Display stand

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
el cubito MoYu RS3 M V5 3x3 Magnético

es buen cubo que tambien esta a buen presio

Hear me out

For starters, I'm an intermediate solver that is still refining keyhole method and not quite sure if I have the patience to learn cfop yet. This cube has multiple variants, with this being one of the lower end models. This is my first cube with a dual adjustment system, and it feels alright. Once you have your settings dialed in you don't have to worry about breaking the cheap plastic on the adjustment system. With that being said, this is NOT a cube for beginners in my opinion. This cube is very fast out of the box and requires some lubing and tensioning to feel comfortable. Then again, I am also coming from a MFJS3M with a slight bit of silicone lube to slow it down and smooth it out. I realized I had my tensions quite high on that cube after turning this one. After a little setup with some light lube, it has gotten a lot more controllable. Times on this cube for me has gotten slightly better after dealing with getting used to the difference in puzzle speeds and controllability. This is a very affordable puzzle, but if you know someone who doesn't even have beginners method memorized yet, get them a budget cube such as the MFJS3M.

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