ShengShou Mr. M (Square-2)

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ShengShou Mr. M Square-2 is a fun "twist" on the traditional square-1!

Key features
  • Added slice layers for more complex scrambles
  • Factory magnetized

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Fun Cube, Poor Design

This cube is enjoyable to solve and a fun puzzle to pick up and twist. I especially liked how you can do portions intuitively but can also weave in square-1 algorithms. I was pleasantly surprised to find out it had magnets in it that help it turn very nicely.
Unfortunately, the puzzle is designed poorly such that there is only one **** holding the core together, instead of two like you would see in a normal square-1. In combination with the orientation of the ****, this means that as you turn the puzzle, the **** progressively loosens until it falls apart. I had it fall apart on me three times before I superglued the **** in, which fixed my issue but that means you can't adjust the tension (but it's not a speedcube anyway, so that's fine).
Overall, once the design problem was fixed with superglue, this is a fun novel cube that I will probably pick up from time to time instead of leaving it on the shelf.


Fun challenging puzzles

Ansel d.J.

I didn't expect this cube to have magnets so I was surprised when it did. It isn't the best turning and has some weird catches but the magnets help and it's a really fun puzzle to solve.

Connor L.
Nice cube

Pleasantly surprised how smooth the turning was on this. Definitely a nice new take on the square 1 and is harder then it looks at first glance. Would buy again


Moves great if square 1 is getting ez try an extra challenge

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