PVC Coating

PVC Coating

Cameron Cameron
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Factory (Uncoated)

PVC Coated

PVC Coated + Exoshield Overlays

PVC-factory-uncoated PVC-Coated PVC-Exoshield

Factory (Uncoated)

It is very common for speed cubes to arrive with some light scratches out of the box. While this is more/less prominent for certain brands, we find it to be especially prominent for less expensive speed cubes.

Why does this happen? Speed cubes are manufactured on an assembly line and as they are assembled, they are slid down the line which can cause scratches or other surface defects.

PVC Coated

  • Removal of surface scratches and foreign contaminants
  • Improved grip
  • More vibrant/deeper colors

PVC Coated + Exoshield Overlays

  • Removal of surface scratches and foreign contaminants
  • Maximum grip
  • More vibrant/deeper colors
  • Incredible durability and scratch resistance to keep your speed cube looking and feeling great

Exoshield Overlays

  • Guaranteed to not chip or peel with normal use
  • Deeper clarity and more durable than generic vinyl stickers
  • 1mm thick
  • Extremely durable. Tested in harsh conditions such as: dropping on rough surfaces, scratched with keys, rubbed on rough surfaces
  • Refresh the look/feel of Exoshield overlays by gradually applying heat
  • Will have an "edge" that is able to be felt

Lifetime guarantee

Included free with PVC Coating service.

We cover 100% of the cost to take back your cube, re-apply the coating and/or Exoshield overlays to the problem areas and send your cube back to you.

Lifetime guarantee does not cover dirt buildup around the Exoshield overlays (if applied) as this can be easily cleaned with the included cleaning kit.

The Process

Our innovative polymer-based coating service is a 4-step process completed in-house by one of our experts.


  1. An expert will fully examine your cube and check for damaged components or factory defects and replace any faulty pieces or start with a fresh product entirely.

  2. The first layer of coating is applied directly to the plastic. This will level the plastic surface and remove any surface scratches (very common with new products), foreign contaminants, and dramatically enhance the vibrancy of the colors.

  3. (Optional) Exoshield clear overlays are applied to each face of the cube which are guaranteed to not chip or peel with normal use. These overlays offer a much deeper clarity than generic vinyl stickers and are less than 1mm thick. While our coating is durable, overlays help to protect against damage and has been extensively tested in harsh conditions such as: dropping on rough surfaces, scratched with keys, rubbed on rough surfaces.

    1. If you notice any damage to your overlays, the heat from your hands will usually remove damage but you may also add a small amount of heat from a hairdryer for more severe damage.

    2. Exoshield overlays will still have an edge that can be felt versus a cube without overlays being completely smooth with no edge. The overlays do a great job of protecting against damage while providing a deeper clarity and grip over generic transparent vinyl.

Frequently asked questions

Can you PVC coat a black plastic cube?

We can apply PVC coating to a black plastic cube so long as you opt for ExoShield overlays. This would include the coating being applied over the ExoShield overlays which woud be applied on top of the stickers and would offer the same benefits as a coating applied to a stickerless plastic cube.

How do I use the cleaning kit?

Cleaning and maintaining your PVC coating is fast and easy. The amount of time that it takes for dirt to build up around the edges of your clear overlays (if applied) will vary depending on the conditions your cube is being stored and used in.

To use the cleaning kit:

  1. Spray solution onto towel

  2. Wipe the surface clean

  3. Gently scrub the edges of the overlays (if applied) with the brush

  4. Spray solution onto towel and wipe clean

  5. Dry surface with clean side of towel

  6. Repeat as necessary

Is PVC coating WCA legal?

Yes, PVC coating is recognized by the World Cube Association (WCA) as being competition legal.

Can I send you my cube to be PVC coated?

If you would like to send your cube to us to be PVC coated, please contact us and provide us with the following information:


  1. The email address associated with your SpeedCubeShop.com account (if any)

  2. Your complete shipping address including first and last name

  3. What cube(s) you will be sending to us to be PVC coated and if you would like the ExoShield overlays or not.

  4. A list of any other products or services that you would like to be added to your custom invoice

  5. Any other special requests or instructions

Once we receive this information, we will respond with a custom invoice including the return shipping cost within 24 hours.

*You will be responsible for the shipping cost to send your cube(s) to us. We recommend using a trackable service as we are not responsible for any packages lost by the mail carrier.

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