How to make a speed cube quieter (for parents)

How to make a speed cube quieter (for parents)

Ari Ari
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Are you a parent of an avid cuber? You will be familiar by now with the constant cube noise consisting of plastic on plastic contact that results in some cases loud clacking sound that can certainly get on most's nerves. Here is how to make a speed cube quieter, and some quiet speed cube options.

High-Viscosity Lubricant

If you child has a current "main speed cube" that they enjoy solving, some thicker, "high-viscosity" lubricant can help to dampen the sound from the speed cube. High-viscosity lubricant, meaning a lubricant with higher resistance to movement, can dampen sound when applied to the internals of a speed cube.

Some of our recommendations for high-viscosity lubricant to make a speed cube quieter include

Speed Lube Weight 5 | SpeedCubeShop Speed Lube Weight 8 | SpeedCubeShop
NEBULA Speed Lube Weight 5

Speed Lube Weight 8

Read more about speed cube lubricant here.

Quiet Speed Cube Options

If your child doesn't have any particular preference as to what cube they use, a cube with a design that results in quieter turning may be favorable, especially when lubricated with a high-viscosity lubricant to minimize noise as much as possible

DaYan Tengyun V1

The DaYan Tengyun V1 was a solid return to form for the legacy manufacturer, featuring a design with soft turning primary internals, weak magnets, and superb corner-cutting that results in a very quiet turning experience.

DaYan TengYun 3x3 Magnetic

DaYan TengYun 3x3 Magnetic

$ 25.95

DaYan TengYun 3x3 Magnetic is by far DaYan's best modern release to date. The TengYun offers a smooth, fast and slightly scratchy feel accompanied with medium strength magnets to assist with stability and flow. Out of the box, this puzzle… >> SHOP PRODUCT <<

GAN 356 XS

The GAN 356 XS was the successor to the widely successful GAN 356 X, featuring adjustable magnets, GAN's signature "honeycomb" internal design, and superb corner-cutting, the 356 XS despite being a few years old is a solid choice for those looking for a quiet turning experience, as comparatively the newer models are slightly louder - but even more solid performers.

GAN 356 XS 3x3 Magnetic

GAN 356 XS 3x3 Magnetic

$ 39.95

GAN 356 XS 3x3 Magnetic is GAN cube's 2019 flagship model and offers a high level of customization. Key features Dual-adjustment core Adjustable magnet strength Plastic core Overview Easy to customize 4 tension settings 6 spring compression settings 3 magnet… >> SHOP PRODUCT <<

X-Man Tornado V2

The Tornado V2 is one of the slightly louder picks, but still relatively quiet in comparison to some of the more noisy cubes on the market. The Tornado V2 features an adjustable magnet and spring strength, and has a muted, clacky turning feel and turning noise.

X-Man Tornado V2 3x3 Magnetic

X-Man Tornado V2 3x3 Magnetic

$ 24.95

X-Man Tornado V2 3x3 Magnetic is packed full of high-end features but at a fraction of the price. Key features Adjustable magnet strengths (5 settings) Dual-adjustment core Overview Easy-to-use customization system Smooth, controllable turning Accessories included Leather storage bag ($3 value)… >> SHOP PRODUCT <<

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