What is Skewb? The Best Skewbs

What is Skewb? The Best Skewbs

Ari Ari
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What is a Skewb, how do I solve one and which ones are the top models and what should I purchase? Read on to find out.

What is it?

The Skewb is a cubic twisty puzzle, and is one of the side events in competitions governed by the WCA. Originally marketed by Uwe Meffert, the puzzle is a Pyraminx shape mod, with the turning axis of the puzzle around the corners rather than the faces like a traditional 3x3 or Nxn twisty puzzle. It is certainly a great puzzle to pick up and can be a great challenge after having learned the 3x3 and other NxN puzzles

Current Records

Łukasz Burliga of Poland holds the Skewb world record average of 2.03 seconds, whilst Andrew Huang of Australia holds the skewb world record single of a time of 0.93 seconds! (As of 11th of November 2021)

Top Models

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