Speed Cube Lube Service: How and Why to do it

Speed Cube Lube Service: How and Why to do it

Ari Ari
2 minute read

Does it really matter?

Yes, getting a lube service or lubing your own cube is critical. Some cubes come with a thin layer of cheap, greasy oil which often leaks out of the cube and wears out within hours of use.

If you continue to solve on a dry cube, you will accelerate wear on the plastic and hurt performance. Over time, the increased friction will result in "gunk" build-up and plastic shavings which hurt the turning and overall feel of your speed cube.

How to lube your speed cube

When shopping for speed cubes, you will see a "Lubricant applied" option on the right column in most cases. By checking this box, we will pre-lubricate the pieces and springs so that you can avoid the mess and get right to solving!

Alternatively, you can buy speed cube lubricant and do the dirty work yourself! We recommend cleaning out your speed cube first for best results and starting with small amounts of lubricant and adding more as you go.

You will also need to determine which speed cube lubes are the best for achieving your desired feel.

Avoid unexpected headaches

If you have us service your speed cube for you, we will inspect the cube for common factory defects that wouldn't have been caught otherwise since we only ship factory-sealed products (unless serviced).

We do have a great return policy if you do run into problems, but we find that having the peace of mind that your speed cube is arriving ready to go is worth the small price tag of a lube service.

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