Top 5 Must-Have Speed Cube Accessories

Top 5 Must-Have Speed Cube Accessories

Ari Ari
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Other than your standard 3x3 and other twisty puzzles, there are some essential accessories that every cuber and speed cube enthusiast should have. Here are our top 5 Rubik's Cube accessories for every speed cuber.

Watch the video on speed cube accessories here.


5. Speed Cuber Merch

Show off how proud you are to be a speed cuber! There is plenty speed cube merch on the market with plenty of designs on a wide range of different garments. At SpeedCubeShop, we offer a range of Rubik's cube merchandise, on both shirts, hoodies and jackets.

Shop apparel on SpeedCubeShop.

4. Individual Cube Bags and Stands

Want to protect and display your speed cubes and twisty puzzles? Cube bags are great for transporting your speed cubes from A to B, preventing dust and potential drop damage when carrying your valuable puzzles.

We offer individual cube bags, novelty cube bags and bags in a wide range of colors to fit your preferences and needs

Legacy Cube Bag | SpeedCubeShop

Shop cube bags.

Alongside cube bags, if you would like to display your prized puzzles, cube stands are a cheap and easy solution - also available in a large range of colors to fit your preferences.

Notably, we offer the GAN Cube display stand, that has a unique design where the cube can be set at 45 degree increments, or can spin freely.

GAN Cube Display Stand (2 Versions)

GAN Cube Display Stand (2 Versions)

$ 6.95

Show off your favorite speed cubes with the GAN Cube Display Stand! Unlike traditional cube stands, GAN's rendition puts a new "spin" on things! 2 Display Settings Locked: Allows cube to spin on stand in 45-degree increments Un-locked: Allows cube… >> SHOP PRODUCT <<

Shop cube stands.

3. Backpack

If you are a frequent competitor at World Cube Association competitions, you will need a way to transport all of your WCA puzzles to and from the venue, alongside any other accessories, mobile phone, laptop and more. Bags and backpacks are the obvious solutions to this, with a wide range of sizes and types of bags and backpacks on offer, some with dedicated slots and compartments to house your twisty puzzles.

MoYu Backpack | SpeedCubeShop Cube Forever Backpack | SpeedCubeShop Lifestyle Backpack | SpeedCubeShop

Shop bags and backpacks.

2. Timer and Mat

If you are highly serious speed cuber, a timer and mat to simulate the competition environment and its unique pressures is a must. We offer the official World Cube Assocation sanctioned SpeedStacks Gen 4 and Gen 5 timers at time of writing, alongside timer skins to protect your precious timers.

SpeedStacks (G5 Pro) Timer

SpeedStacks (G5 Pro) Timer

$ 32.95

The SpeedStacks G5 Pro Timer is a fresh re-design of the immensely popular, SpeedStacks timer with tons of new features! New features: No more accidental timer resets! Both power and reset buttons must be held for a half-second before they… >> SHOP PRODUCT <<

Timer mats go hand in hand with the speed cube timers, which protect your cube and the table surface you are cubing on, by dampening the impact that the cube makes when you go to stop the timer.

Abstract Wave Mini Mat | SpeedCubeShop Cosmic V2 Mini Mat | SpeedCubeShop Poly Dark Mini Mat | SpeedCubeShop Blast Off Mini Mat | SpeedCubeShop

Shop timers and timer mats here.

1. Lubricant

Finally, we can conclusively say that lubricant is one of the most, if not the most, important speed cube accessory that we recommend to every single speed cuber and twisty puzzle solver. Lubricants do a range of important things for speed cubes, including

  • Extending the lifespan of your speed cube by reducing friction where pieces contact each other internally
  • Changing the turn speed of a puzzle (to slow down or speed up)
  • Changing the feel of a puzzle (gummy, smooth)
  • Reducing internal spring noise

We offer lubricant in a number of sizes, bundles, and of different properties to fit every use case imaginable.

Ultimate Lube Bundle | SpeedCubeShop MARTIAN | SpeedCubeShop LUNAR | SpeedCubeShop GALAXY | SpeedCubeShop

Read our full article on speed cube lubricant here.

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