GAN 356 3x3 Magnetic (Standard)

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GAN 356 3x3 Magnetic (356M) is the perfect middle-ground between the top 3x3 models! While the magnet strength is not adjustable you will still find plenty of adjustment options through the dual-adjustment Numerical IPG core and alternate GES spring options.

What is a Numerical IPG core?

GAN's proprietary Numerical IPG core allows you to easily and evenly adjust to spring compression of each face. The pre-determined tension settings make it easy to ensure each face of your cube is set to the same tension. No more having to spend hours of trial and error to achieve an even tension!

Lite version available which does not include additional GES springs


Customer Reviews

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Noah H.
Pretty Decent

It's a really solid budget speed cube. It's not my personal favorite, but I would recommend it to lots of people.

Muhammad S.
Nice product delivery is very fast

I will tell you guys to buy their products, their products are very good

Dylan B.

BRO aint no way when I compared this to my friends gan 14, THIS FELT SO MUCH BETTER!! Note that I use the overpowered martian lube but he dosent but still... buy this to save over 50$ so your wallet dosent cry ITS WORTH IT

outstanding 3x3 for the price

now then, this 3x3 is just outstanding. you can feel the magnets pretty well, the turning is very smooth, and the feel is just outstanding. i saw a few reviews talking about how it pops often, or how it just breaks. i have never had that issue personally, and the cube may have been damaged in processing. if you a speedcuber, or just a casual cuber, or a beginner, this cube is great for the price.

Great but spring noise

this is a really good budget cube, after a few months of using it, I'm getting some spring noise. overall a very good cube, and the magnets are at a nice medium.

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