DianSheng Galaxy Gigaminx Magnetic

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$ 59.95
Damage Protection No
Lubrication Service
Add Ons None
Martian Lubricant
Lunar Lubricant

DianSheng Galaxy Gigaminx Magnetic is the first magnetic Gigaminx to hit the market!

Key features
  • Magnetic mechanism for smoother, more accurate turning feel
  • Small, compact size
  • Smooth, controllable turning
  • Durable, stable mechanism
Accessories included
  • Storage bag ($3 value)



Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jessie P.
Really Nice, but Overpriced

I want to start off by saying I actually really like this "cube." It's much smaller and lighter than the YuXin Gigaminx AND has magnets, which I do think help a bit. It comes with a nice storage/carrying bag as well. I did add my own lube to it (Vortex to the core and, I think, Martian to the plastic). Compared to the YuXin, it's easier to turn, carry, and harder to pop. However, it does have a more plastic-y feel and looks cheaper than the YuXin, which is very high-quality, glossy plastic. This is more matte and seems less high-end. As such, I feel like $60 is over-priced considering the YuXin is $40. It seems like they should be comparable in price: one has the better feel and the other has the better look. If all you're looking for is the best moving Gigaminx and price doesn't matter, go with this one. If looks are important and you're more on a budget, go with YuXin.

Pretty great

Overall it turns quite nicely, but i do think it could use some work,
i think the arc design is quite weird and i think its a bit small, i would have prefered if it was sculpted as well
i have small hands and even i think its quite small, i don't think its bad but it could use possibly a version 2,
all these are nit picks and its great otherwise

Michael S.
Great fun.

My first gigminx. It took me a few hours to solve it. I am a new cuber. But I loved it once I solved it. I thought I would never finish it. Hopefully I will be a lot faster on the next solve. The cube was smooth and moved with easy. Held its place well. Great cube. SCS IS THE BEST. THANKS FOR BEING THE PLACE O GET ALL MY CUBBING STUFF. FAST SHIPPING AND GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICES.

Eli J.N.
The best Gigaminx

The Diansheng Gigaminx is a fine addition to my ever growing collection, and honestly, I couldn't be happier. The turning, while a bit slow at first, gets even better once it's broken in, and the magnets make a huge difference compared to the Yuxin Gigaminx, which it's faster out of the box but can be a struggle to hold the layers on a solve. I can see the size of the puzzle being a concern to some people, but I like the smaller size since it doesn't make my hands that much tired compared to other big cubes, and the weight of it also helps it. If you want to get into Gigaminx and you have the money or you don't mind the size, I can confidently say that this cube will satisfy you.

ali a.

It became my main dodcahedron puzzle. Turns smoothly without effect other layers.

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