FangShi Deformed 3x3 Centrosphere

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The FangShi Deformed 3x3 Centrosphere is a very fun and interesting puzzle to solve! The internal "cubies" are different sizes so when rotated, the pieces do not align perfectly. The movement of this item is very smooth and swishy which creates a great user experience.


Customer Reviews

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Jacob L.
Great Shape Mod

This was a very good addition to my collection, it looks stunning however, when turning any layer, the middle layer likes to move around and so the layers get misaligned pretty easily and it’s hard to align the middle layer because of the large corner pieces.

it's cool, could use some color

i like solving this cube, but i highly recommend the stickerless instead of no stickers that way it's a more of a challenging puzzle

good puzzle to mess with

it's a fun cube to solve, i got the non colored one so i have to solve it somewhat to like a mirror blocks where you find a piece that fits into another piece, does take a lot of trial and error

Great to look at, not for solving

This is a great addition to any collection for the looks alone. The puzzle is essentially a spherical mirror/bump cube with fancier corners.
The outer 2x2 "cage" is fixed to the corners of the inner 3x3.
The puzzle does turn smoothly, however my fingers will often get caught in the overhanging corners while turning.

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