GAN 11 Duo 3x3 Magnetic

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GAN 11 Duo 3x3 Magnetic is perfect for anyone who didn't want to spend the money to get the immensely popular GAN 11 M Pro.

The Duo is identical to the Pro in every way except that the Duo does not have adjustable magnets. While this may be a deal-breaker for some, it may be a great way to cut costs and unlock some amazing performance for less!

Core Adjustment

The same dual-adjustment core that originated in the XS is found in the 11 M Pro and allows for 24 different adjustment variations through 4 elasticity nut options and 6 spring compression choices.


A completely re-designed and easier to open to box houses the GAN 11 M Duo. Accompanied with dark blue elasticity nuts for the core adjustment, a cube bag, and guides/pamphlets.



Customer Reviews

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My First GAN

This cube was my first GAN because I was too cheap to get the Pro. I mained it for several months. I keep it on the tighter side because I lock up when it's too loose. If you like the light/papery turning of GAN this is a good cube


Really good cube

It’s nice if you don’t want to spend more money on the 11 m pro

If you want a good cube but don’t wanna spend too much on the 11 m pro, this is the one.

a perfect cube

A perfect cube for you if you dont want to spend to much on GAN 11 M Pro

Sanskar G.
Couldn't be better

Oh my gosh. This cube is perfect! It fits perfectly with my hands and so natural as it glides along my hands. The magnet strength is great, very light and easy to use, and I just feel like a pro when rocking this. Thank you GAN and SpeedCubeShop for this amazing piece!

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