Monster Go 3x3 Magnetic

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Monster Go is a new brand from the popular manufacturer, GAN! The Monster Go 3x3 Magnetic is a standard speedcube and is solved using elements learned from the Rainbow, Cloud, and UT trainer cubes.

Even though Monster Go is separate from GAN, this series is fantastic quality and is guaranteed to hold up against rough turning through a stable core and more controllable turning. The honeycomb design creates a more seamless turning feel and helps to evenly spread out lubricant.


Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews

My son loves how smoothly this cube moves. Highly recommend. Great service. Thank you!

Good Beginner Cube

Good Cube For A Beginner. Have It And Turns Good A While. Magnets Are Good. Really Like The Cube.

Great place to start.

Not sure why all the negative reviews from folks who sound like they are no beginners on a cube for beginners. It's really fast, the magnets are not really strong, and it moves very easily. That said, the new EDU model is better.

Not what I paid for

I specifically ordered the “monster go magnetic 3x3”which had a customizable spring compression system, the one I received was the EDU version that does not have a GES nut. I am not happy about this and I would warn everybody looking into this cube to beware of the changes that you don’t see in the photos.

Other than that, the cube is pretty good. The magnets are moderate strength, and I’m pretty sure it came pre-lubricated.

Aaron D.
A No-Brainer First Cube

For those looking for a cube to give someone without having to worry about teaching about tensions or lubrication, this is a very good choice. It comes pre-lubricated, I don't hear any spring noise out of it, and it is tensioned with a **** with decent magnets. The RS3M 2020 is often a favorite 3x3, and considered one of the best, but those can have spring-noise and can need some setup. I'd highly recommend this one as a cube to give to kids so they won't have to deal with setting up a 3x3, as it is very good out of the box.

One minor thing I notice is that my cube came with a different white face center logo. It now has "MONSTER GO" on it along with the logo, much like the MonsterGO AI. I'm starting to think I received a newer revision of this puzzle because it uses a **** instead of GES nuts for tensioning and I don't see how magnets could be adjusted.

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