Monster Go Cloud 3x3

Monster Go Cloud 3x3

Price:$ 9.95
Plastic Color
$ 9.95

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Highly recommended! Lubrication of pieces & springs. Tensions set to reduce popping and improve stability.
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Monster Go is a new brand from the popular manufacturer, GAN! The Monster Go Cloud 3x3 is one of three trainer cubes designed to help aspiring cubers easily learn how to solve the cube! The Cloud cube is easily solved by matching up the white pieces to form one side which can be done intuitively and is great practice for understanding how the cube functions.

Even though Monster Go is separate from GAN, this series is fantastic quality and is guaranteed to hold up against rough turning through a stable core and more controllable turning. The honeycomb design creates a more seamless turning feel and helps to evenly spread out lubricant.

The Monster Go series does come equipped with orange numerical ipg GES springs which can be adjusted by hand to tighten or loosen the puzzle.

Give the gift of cubing with the Monster Go Cloud 3x3!

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