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If you or a loved one are getting into twisty puzzles and speedcubing the QiYi Luxurious Set is a great starting point. Not even including the fact that this bundle is an amazing value -- the performance of each of these puzzles is perfect for beginning / intermediate speedcubers and are loved by many. You will also get a tutorial guide book that includes solutions for each puzzle (and more) included in this set! Look no further and get to solving!

Included  |  2x2, 3x3, 4x4, Ivy Cube, Megaminx, Mirror Cube, Pyraminx, Skewb, Tutorial Guide


Customer Reviews

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Exactly as described got here fast, no damage and no problems


love all the cubes! (my favorite is the mirror or skewb)

Great bundle

This is what actually got me into speed cubing and the cubes are amazing!!!

Excellent starting kit…

I decided on this box and it does not disappoint. Some cubes is really fast turning as some have lubrication already. I really enjoy taking them apart but I will pass till I get some spares.

This box is perfect for jumping straight into the Cubing World.

All the cubes turn wonderfully. Only exception is the Megaminx as the turning can get hung up on another piece. I do like it you just have to be careful turning is all. I have a Shengshou Megaminx and it has the same problem as the Qiyi. Easily rectified by slowing down.

Also a caveat….some of these puzzles can turn into different shapes. I guess transforms into something else. A great example is the Mirror Cube.

So in short….this set rocks and the price point is wonderful.

I decided on Qiyi as my main source of Cubes till later on down the road when I am ready to say by some GAN cubes.

orhan p.
very good for begginers

5 stars for beginners 3 stars for experienced cubers
let me just say that this is a very good deal for a beginner. but if you are a little experienced with cubing. its not that good. if you are a experienced cuber like me buy. get these cubes. but they will be around 250 dollars.
gan 12 m 3x3 maglev,moyu wielong pyraminx,yj mgc elite m, gan mirror magnetic, yj mgc magnetic 4x4 gan magnetic skewb enhanced or normal, yj mgc squar 1 an gan megaminx

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