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The ShengShou Examinx is an amazing 12-sided puzzle! If you are a megaminx enthusiast or just looking for an insane challenge, look no further! The Examinx is an 11x11 megaminx that is fully-functional and turns smoothly considering the immense size of this puzzle.

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Even though this cube is easy to break, I think it is going be fun.

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Tristan P.
Amazing puzzle for A 11x11 MEGAMINX!

The biggest puzzle I had before this was a 9x9 and wanted another challenge. When I saw there was 25% off on this puzzle I immediately bought it. First impressions: TOTALLY WORTH IT. The stickerless shades are amazing (except for the 2 yellows, and the dark green and blue, in certain lighting they can be hard to distinguish). Everything else is really nice colors. You wouldn't expect for a megaminx of this size to turn well, or be very stable. While it is heavy, and locks up (obviously), it turns really well. I have had no pieces pop after 1 solve. The only 2 things that happened were a center piece would move under another center piece, but if you reversed that move, it would go back into place no problem. The other thing was that the "stickers" on the corner pieces got disconnected a couple times, but they get reattached really easily. This is my first higher order megaminx puzzle, but solving it was very straight forward. As long as you know how to solve megaminx, and how to solve big cubes (4x4/5x5 or bigger), then you should easily be able to solve this puzzle, with maybe some intuition. Like I said I got this for 25% off (100 USD). If that offer is still up, I would definitely get this puzzle, it is definitely worth it. Even if it was normal price, I think I would still get it, but it would be a harder decision. If you have the money, like big cubes (technically dodecahedrons) and a challenge/ time consuming puzzles, I would 100% recommend this puzzle, it is amazing.

Leor S.
Great Cube!! You need the patience

I ordered the Examinx and it finally arrived. It is a very heavy puzzle so you have to solve it on the table. I tried corner cutting and it works but you shouldn't corner cut. It has very nice stickerless colour shades (Sorry in Australia they say colour not color). When I was solving I only had 1 centre piece pop which I fixed in 20 seconds. My first attempt took 9 hours but I was half asleep and my second attempt took 7 hours. I can't believe that someone has created an Atlasminx, and can't wait for a speedcubing manufacturing company (probably ShengShou) to release the Zettaminx! Overall if you are willing to spend a lot of money then the Examinx is a good challenge but you need to be patient.

Smooth, solid, reliable

This puzzle was the first that lead me to this site. I was astounded to find it at such a low price and with such fast shipping. You wouldn't expect this puzzle to be sturdy and smooth, but it was a pleasure to operate it and solve it. No extra algs necessary if you can already do the Gigaminx and up, it just takes a while. My first sightread was 8 hours. No popping, very minimal catching, very easy to correct. Because of its sheer size and complexity, this is not a speed puzzle, but to no fault of its own.

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