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The ShengShou Pillowed 8x8 is ShengShou's updated version! Featuring a smaller, compact pillowed design and vibrant stickerless color shades with a frosted look this is quite the upgrade! The turning is very smooth and the puzzle is overall easy to handle.


Customer Reviews

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Colby W.
So hard to turn

The middle layers are almost impossible to move.

Jeff C.
Pillowed 8x8

Love this cube which is one of my favorites of all those I own. Many 8x8s pop almost immediately or break when you try reinserting. When that happens, they are basically useless and have to be junked. This cube is tight and can be easily manipulated. Extremely pleasurable to solve. Just so you know, I bought two cubes before this one and both broke within moments of my first solve. Stay away from 8x8s with the smaller center pieces because they are almost designed to pop and break.

Joshua W.
Good for what its for

since this isn't a WCA event right now it is an okay cube for just playing. the outer layers turn fantastic but the inner ones are kinda not good. I would personally not get a pillowed cube but it's your choice.

Meh. Not nearly as good as the 9x9.

Ordered this and the 10x10 expecting the same quality as the 9x9 and 11x11. These are nowhere near as good. The outer layers are fine, but the inner layers are absolute garbage, almost to the point of unusable. Feels/sounds like there is something inside the cube or that the screws are rubbing on the interior of the pieces. I've lubed it, taken the whole thing apart and reassemble, loosened, tightened, anything else I could think of and nothing, still just a horribly turning waste of money. Guess I'll reluctantly put a design into it and set it on the shelf to never touch again. Really sad, I was looking forward to this puzzle.

In case of a problem

This cube is great. This cube is all plastic. I have purchased an 8 x 8. After a couple of solve, one of the color came off when I was trying to mix it. And, if it does you can re-insert the color that came off, by turning the slice that is missing the color so that it angles away from the cube, then, spread the slice where the color goes into. This way you can see where and how it fits. At which point, you can angle the color square in and push it in until it snaps in place. I have an 8 x 8 and an 10 x 10, and both this has happen and both times I save the cube by doing this technique. It works. I love these cubes. I did not provide pictures, but I can.

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