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The ShengShou Teraminx is a very eye-catching puzzle and is great for puzzle enthusiasts and those looking for a challenge! This item moves very smoothly, has vibrant sticker shades, and is stable.

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A Pain That’s Worth It

I got mine elsewhere, seemingly used, but still in good condition. Prone to popping, and turns okay as long as the pieces are aligned well enough. As long as you know how to solve a 5x5 and a megaminx, you’ll survive this puzzle.

Release the beast!

If you're looking for a challenging Minx to solve, this puzzle is most definitely the one if you're looking to advance from the Gigaminx. Turns nicely and already lubed right out the box. One key tip I can give is to be sure to know how to use commutators as they become essential to solving those centers just like a large Rubix Cube(above the 3x3)

Very hard puzzle

its very difficult thats all also this is very good puzzle i am good and speling odo cccc i like bd no i dont and this puzzel turning good fore huge reduction method minx good turn


(TL;DR at the end if you don't want to read this whole thing)

This puzzle is almost perfect; keyword being 'almost'.

If I can't use a puzzle a lot because I'm scared of it getting damaged in some way, how well it turns doesn't matter nearly as much and the puzzle as a whole loses a lot of value.

It turns amazingly, it's fun to solve (takes me around 4-5 hours) and the size is great.

The one single issue I have with this is that it isn't stickerless.

While there are benefits for colorblind folk, the option to buy this as a stickerless puzzle would be great; that or even a sticker pack I could buy individually would be awesome.

The stickers fall off so easily, I've had 2 fall off and many others are peeling off (after 2 solves). I've been solving this as carefully as possible on a cubing mat, this is already becoming a major issue for me. If the same sticker falls of twice, I'm going to have nothing to replace it with!

I'm going to return this puzzle to buy an Examinx because it's stickerless, the stickers are THAT much of an issue for me (hence the 3 stars, even if everything else is perfect). (The Examinx price is 5x the Teraminx price.)

The mechanics and turning of this puzzle is as good as it gets with puzzles this big. The issue is that this puzzle doesn't come with a stickerless variant OR have any sticker packs you can buy individually. Once the same sticker falls of and is replaced twice, there is NO way to replace the sticker without making it yourself!

Alex L.
Absolutely phenomenal

I was a little skeptical at first because I really wanted this puzzle, but it was around 70 bucks. It is totally worth it. Each time you solve it the puzzle gets smoother and smoother. If you are thinking about it, buy it!!

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