YuXin Little Magic 7x7

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The YuXin Little Magic 7x7 is an amazing deal if you are looking to get started with 7x7 speedsolving. The Little Magic retains a similar feel than other puzzles in the popular Little Magic series.


Customer Reviews

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budget 7x7

I had never owned a 7x7 before I bought this, and I wish I saved my money and bought the yjmgc, which I ended up doing, because this cube pops, a lot! I had lots of pieces fall out before I tightened it too much to turn without it popping again! In other words, there is no good spot for tensions, after a major pop, I didn't feel like learning how to put it back together, so now it is sitting in a gan pyriminx box because it is the only one that can hold all of the pieces. The magnets also are too week to even say that it is magnetic on the box.


i unscrewed it a little bit to fix a spring hanging out, and it exploded after a 1/4 turn. other then the fact that idk how to reassemble it, it is a good cube.

Amazing cube fr

7x7, the absolute bain of torture. Do you want a 7 x 7 but don't want your life savings to disappear? Get the Little magic 7 x 7! Very good for only like 15 bucks (+shipping) Anyways get yourself the YLM 7 X 7 and some lunar or stardust and want to cry everytime someone scrambles it!

Awesome budget cube!

I love this 7x7. Turns super well, feels nice in my hands, corner cutting is about 1 and 1/2 pieces, and I haven't had a pop yet. It doesn't have magnets but that isn't a big deal to me. For the price, this is a super good 7x7.

Good budget cube

It's not the great "Super magnetic WR cube that costs $59.99" but it's a great quality cube that you can get for such a low price. Still, a speed-solvable cube and it never popped when I've used it.

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