Z-Cube Mini Keychain Bundle

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The Z-Cube Mini Keychain Bundle is a great way to save and have some fun! Including 6 different puzzles, this bundle is a perfect choice for any puzzle enthusiast and also includes keychains for and on-the-go challenge! At this price you are getting one keychain puzzle free -- what a deal!


Customer Reviews

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Pretty fun

Its a very good little bundle to mess around with and pass time. I liked trying to find how to solve them and would recommend.

Fun for the most part

Most of the cubes in this set are fun and interesting to play with, however, if you want to have something that turns well for the size, this may not be for you. These puzzles are more used as a novelty or for fun. The penrose cube and the round 3x3 both turn well enough for what they are, however the 3x3 catches a lot due to sprues within the core that were not removed in manufacturing. As such, do not expect them to turn exceptionally well. the 2x2 is a bit rough but works fine and the same goes for the pyraminx. Overall, this is a fun way to bring cubes out without the hassle of needing to take up much space in a bag, however do not expect them to turn well.

Good for what they are

For mini keychains they are pretty good quality. I haven’t experienced any pops. I would keep the keychain part of and just make it a mini cube

Tristan T.
Interesting quality and selection

Ok, it’s not horrible, but could definitely be better. Each puzzle felt really sandy and had questionable turning quality. As mini cubes, they’re acceptable. But when you use them as keychains, it’s different. As soon as you hook them on to something, the cube itself breaks. I connected the 3x3 to my bag and when I checked if it was still on after walking from one class to the other, and the only thing left was the corner piece that it was attached to.

All in all, only buy for mini cubes, not for keychains.

Ben R.
Odd range of quality

I'll go over each one in order of quality. (in my opinion)
The 2x2 was pretty terrible. It turned pretty badly and felt kinda dry.
The 3x3 was surprisingly bad. I'm pretty sure it's the MoFang JiaoShi Mini 3.5cm Keychain 3x3, but horribly tensioned and lots of popping. I got the same cube in the Cubing Classroom Mini Bundle and it turned amazingly, not sure how they changed the 3x3 in this one to make it worse.
The Pyraminx was fine but had an odd mechanism. It had little bumps under all of the pieces to make it snap into place like it was magnetized. The bumps helped it snap into place nicely but overall made the pyraminx kinda odd to turn.
The Ball was a pretty fun puzzle but took lots of pressure to turn anything.
The Barrel was a fun puzzle that turned well, no complaints.
The Penrose is a super cool puzzle that turns well.
Overall was a pretty fun set of puzzles, though I do hope they fix the 2x2 and 3x3.

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