Got a 3x3? What's the Next Best Twisty Puzzle to Learn?

Got a 3x3? What's the Next Best Twisty Puzzle to Learn?

Ari Ari
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Recently bought got a 3x3? You may be wondering what's the next best twisty puzzle to learn. Here are our suggestions of puzzles the next puzzles you should get and learn to solve, to spice up your twisty puzzle solving experiences.


After having learned how to solve the 3x3, the 2x2 is an easy next step, as it is essentially a 3x3 without the edge or center pieces. Also, 3x3 algorithms are easily transferred to multiple 2x2 solving methods, including layer by layer.



The 4x4 is the next level up from the classic 3x3. Most 4x4 methods simply reduce the 4x4 down to a 3x3, by solving the centers, and edges and then solving the puzzle the same way you would with a 3x3. However, some cases that are impossible on a 3x3 can occur, known as 4x4 parity, where edges are flipped or two adjacent edges are swapped. Nonetheless, this is certainly the next step up from 3x3 and we highly recommend you pick a 4x4 as soon as possible.

Read our article on the best 4x4 speedcubes for more recommendations for 4x4s.

5x5, 6x6, and 7x7

The next step up from 4x4, are higher-order NxN puzzles such as 5x5, 6x6 and 7x7. These are solved similar to 4x4, by reducing the puzzle down to a 3x3 by solving the centers and edge pieces, then solving it as a 3x3. These puzzles also can have parity cases, but after learning 4x4 these larger puzzles can be a fun challenge to further your solving ability. 

Beware that these higher-order puzzles are more prone to popping and corner twists, especially without proper setup - we recommend both lubricating and tensioning your big cubes for a better solving experience, read more about lubrication and tensioning here.

Pyraminx and Skewb

Invented by Uwe Mèffert, the Pyraminx is an extremely popular puzzle, consisting of four triangular faces divided into 9 triangles, that scrambles and solves by twisting the corners. It can be solved "intuitively", meaning a cuber can solve it without the use of algorithms, although most speedsolvers opt for faster methods that require learning some form of algorithms.

The Skewb is shape mod of the pyraminx, and when taken apart it can be seen that they have the same mechanisms. The Skewb scrambles and solves by corner twisting, but unlike the Pyraminx, when turning the puzzle the centers rotate around the axis as well. The Skewb can also be solved intuitively, and is an easy puzzle to pick up after having learned to solve the 3x3.

Other WCA and Non-WCA Puzzles

Other interesting World Cube Association, or WCA, sanctioned puzzles include the Square-1, Megaminx, and Clock - all of which provide their own interesting challenges when solving and we highly recommend picking some, or all of these puzzles up.

However, there is a much wider selection of interesting and challenging twisty puzzles that you can choose from - browse more puzzles here.

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