GAN Speed Cube Comparison | What's the difference?

GAN Speed Cube Comparison | What's the difference?

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GAN are often referred to as the "Apple" of the speedcubing world, producing high quality and highly polished speed cubes at a premium price tag. However, their lineup can be a little bit confusing to some. Learn more about the current GAN speed cube lineup and a comparison between the specifications of these puzzles for 2022.

GAN 12

Their current flagship lineup, the GAN 12 3x3 was released in late 2021 and prominently implements the newest features in cubing hardware, namely MagLev in the MagLev version, a corner-core and corner-edge magnetization system, and UV or frosted exterior finishes. 

Learn more about corner-core magnetization here.

In the "Leap" version, springs are used instead of magnets in the core and is in available in frosted plastic rather than the shiny UV finish instead.

GAN 11

The predecessor to the Gan 12, the GAN 11 was released the year prior and was the first GAN puzzle to both adopt corner-core magnets, and the first to adopt the two-digit naming scheme, similar to that of Apple iPhone lineup. The puzzle was the first attempt from GAN to introduce different exterior plastic finishes, which has been further refined and included in the GAN 12.

GAN 356 Series

The 356 series was GAN's flagship series before transitioning to the two-digit moniker now used for their current flagships. The first digit being 3 referred to the number of layers, being a 3x3, and the last two digits refer to the puzzle's edge-to-edge length in millimetres. The most recent 356 puzzle was the GAN 356 XS, and prior was the GAN 356 X, known for being one of the first cubes to feature customizable magnet strength.

Non 3x3s

GAN in recent years have ventured into producing a number of puzzles other than the classic 3x3 twisty puzzle, which includes their flagship Megaminx, Pyraminx, Skewb and 2x2 and 4x4 puzzles. These puzzles include their Gan Elasticity System or GES, which in most puzzles are different springs of different strength encased in small "nuts" to produce different stability and speed, and in other are an an adjustable all-in-one system where the spring strength and distance are adjustable interchangably.

To put it simply, these non NxN puzzles have the extra capability of customizing their stability through the extra system, something of which is not fully present in other non NxN puzzles from other manufacturers at time of writing.

GAN Megaminx Magnetic

GAN Megaminx Magnetic

$ 57.95

GAN Megaminx Magnetic is a light weight, factory magnetic megaminx which utilizes GAN's popular GES spring system. This item comes with four different GES spring options which are easily interchangeable and offer a different feel. Same as other GAN cubes,… >> SHOP PRODUCT <<

Read more about GES here.

Read more about spring compression and dual adjustment systems here.


For 3x3s, if you are looking to purchase a GAN flagship you cannot go wrong with the GAN 12, being GAN's current flagship 3x3 it sports all the latest features of a 3x3.

If you are on a mid-range budget, check out the GAN 11 M Duo and the GAN 11 M, which sport the same performance of the 2020 flagship GAN 11 Pro but omitting some extra adjustment.

If you want a slightly smaller 3x3, the GAN 11 M Pro mini sports the same features as the GAN 11 M Pro, but at a slightly smaller 53mm size, 3mm smaller than a regular 3x3.

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