Halloween Spooky 2021 Collection

Halloween Spooky 2021 Collection

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Halloween Spooky 2021 Collection

At SpeedCubeShop we are huge Halloween fans! As per tradition, we present our Spooky 2021 collection, with a Halloween cube, cube bags, mats, cube stands, clothing, stickers and our seasonal jack-o-lantern lubricant.

Our famous Spooky Cube is back this Halloween with a unique new look!

Key features

  • Glows in the dark
  • Translucent orange plastic
  • Jack O' Lantern face on the black side
  • Halloween themed colors


  • Does not come pre-lubricated. For best results, lubricate with Jack O' Lantern (Pumpkin Spice Scented)
  • Fun, decorative piece
  • Limited edition

Jack O' Lantern is back for Halloween! Our pumpkin spice-scented formulation is a gentle reminder of the fall feel that we all love.

The fast, controllable, soft feel is suitable for nearly all speed cubers and is a must-try while this lubricant is available!

Pro-Tip: Combine Jack O' Lantern with our core lube, Vortex, for a sweet, pumpkin scent and a fast, lasting feel!


Check out our Halloween accesories, including our mini mats, and cube stands! 


Finally we have a full collection of hoodies and tees in the Halloween theme!

Shop the full collection!

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