What is Megaminx? The Best Megaminxes

What is Megaminx? The Best Megaminxes

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What is a Megaminx, how do I solve one and which ones are the top models and what should I purchase? Read on to find out.

What is it?

The Megaminx is a tetrahedron twisty puzzle, and is one of the side events in competitions governed by the WCA. Originally patented by Uwe Meffert, the puzzle can be solved in a similar manner to 3x3, where it can be solve layer by layer. It is certainly a great puzzle to pick up and can be a great challenge after having learned the 3x3 and other NxN puzzles

It is heavily advised that cubers looking to pick up megaminx also lubricate their puzzle, due to the number of pieces present in the puzzle, which leads to a lot of fricition when turning in comparison to a standard 3x3.

Read more about speed cube lubricrants here.

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Current Records

Juan Pablo Huanqui of Peru holds both the single and average Megaminx world records, with a time of 27.72s for the World Record single and 30.39s for average, as of 13/10/2021.

World Record Megaminx Average as of 13/10/2021

Models Available


GAN's flagship megaminx is one of the most expensive on offer, featuring GAN's GES (Gan Elasticity System) nuts. With four sets of nuts, these provide different strength springs which change the stability and speed of the puzzle.  Same as other GAN cubes, this item features exposed moderate strength magnets to improve performance and feel.


QiYi's subbrand X-Man Design's Galaxy Megaminx is widely popular amongst top megaminx solvers, with multiple national, continental and world records being set on the magnetic V1 and V2 puzzles. The Galaxy V2 comes in multiple piece designs, to suit different solvers' preferences and also comes with spare black pieces to be swapped in if the cuber desires.


MoYu has both flagship and budget megaminx offerings, with their flagship magnetic AoYun megaminx a solid option for megaminx enthusiasts (Currently out of stock). On the opposite end of the price spectrum, MoYu's budget subbrand MoFang JiaoShi also have a budget magnetic megaminx.


YuXin has added to their popular Little Magic twisty puzzle line with the Little Magic Megaminx, a reasonable performer for the price.


YJ have both flagship and budget megaminx offerings, with the flagship MGC megaminx in more of a middle price bracket, but featuring flagship performance that YJ is known for in their MGC line. On the other hand, their YuHu V2 M megaminx is also a great performer for those on a budget.


DaYan's Megaminx V2 is a great return to form for the legacy manufacturer, and is a solid mid-range option for those who enjoy medium magnets and a smaller megaminx.


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