What is Square-1? The Best Square-1s

What is Square-1? The Best Square-1s

Ari Ari
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What is a Square-1, how do I solve one and which ones are the top models and what should I purchase? Read on to find out.

What is it?

The Square-1 is a cubic twisty puzzle similar to the 3x3, but due to the way the pieces are cut and designed can shapeshift. It is one of the side events in competitions governed by the WCA, and uniquely the only shapeshifting puzzle in the WCA. At a world-class standard, the Square-1 can be solved at a similar speed to 3x3, but features cases like parity, cases not possible on 3x3, and an overall different solving style due to the shapeshifting property that the Square-1 has.

To turn the Square-1, you can turn the U and D layer to align with the middle cut present, and then turn the right layer of "slice" 180°.

Current Records

Team SCS member David Epstein of Australia holds the Square-1 World Record average of 6.34 seconds, whilst Martin Vædele Egdal holds the Square-1 single World Record, with a time of 4.59 seconds.

Top Models

QiYi/X-Man Designs

By far the most popular flagship Square-1s in recent times, the X-Man Volt Square 1 line have been used to set numerous world records, with manufacturer magnetic versions of their V2 version readily available, as both a fully magnetic and "magnetic slice" version.


YJ's offers their very own square-1 under their MGC flagship line. A solid fully magnetic option, the puzzle solely comes in a stickerless finish, but also comes with black stickerless pieces to switch if the user decides to do so.


Finally, YuXin have their own budget square-1 in their widely successful Little Magic puzzle line, known for their older YuXin Little Magic 3x3.

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