DianSheng Blade Cube

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The blade cube is a unique shape shifting puzzle that is a lot of fun to solve.


Customer Reviews

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Mackenzie Z.
Awesome but hard to solve

It is one of the coolest shape mods I’ve seen but it isn’t for the faint of heart. This thing is a beast to solve. It is slightly hard to turn since you have to have it aligned perfectly and often times another section ends up being moved. This thing is cool for a display piece or just to play with if you can solve it.

Sharp Edges

The edges are super sharp. It's called a *blade* cube, so maybe that's fair, but the edges are so precisely sharp that the puzzle locks up constantly. Doesn't help that it's super loose, and even with all the screws tightened as much as possible, the sides still spin out of alignment under gravity alone.

Absolutely addicting. Can't put it down!

A shame it's discontinued, it has quickly became one of my favorite shape mods. Especially when you play with pattern algs like center swap for example.

And dewd, I took the time to sand and lube the pieces and it's become the quietest smoothest mod puzzle I've played with. Couldn't recommend it enough. Hopefully it'll make it's way back into production cause it deserves to be on the market. Next is shield, it's pair, I gotta have that one next.

Wyatt R.
Great Shape Mod!

This mod is one of the best. It is similar to a flat-faced master morphix. It shape shifts into all kinds of cool shapes. It is one of the easier ones, however. The turning on mine is fantastic but a person I know got one that was extremely stiff. I recommend this if you like shape mods!

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