GAN Robot V2

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The GAN Robot V2 is the "smartest" way to solve your cube! Compatible with the GAN 356 i and 356 XS, you can connect to the mobile app to have your cube scrambled or solved in mere seconds!

Version 2 features the upgraded internals from the limited edition blue/white model which enables the robot to solve your cube even faster!

Compatible with:

GAN 356 i3 3x3 Bluetooth Smart Cube 

GAN 356 i Carry 3x3 (must manually scan each face of cube for the robot to solve)

*** Cube sold separately

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Customer Reviews

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Gan robot 2

Love it , thank you Speedcubeshop 🤙🏽🤖

Steve T.
Amazing Product

I’m seeing lots of reviews that say the Robot is just a gimmick or party trick that you won’t use after a few times. I totally disagree with that. The Gan Robot V2 is by FAR the best product I’ve bought to help my cubing progress! I use it SO SO SO much! My PB went from 75 seconds to 26 seconds in 5 weeks, and i credit that fast progression to my Gan Robot!! I use it for scrambling for timed solves, but also for learning and practicing algorithms, and the then you can quickly go through a list of different algs in rapid succession. It’s amazing and i can’t recommend enough. I’ve got three Gan Smart Cubes that it works with (iCarry S, 365 i3 and the new Gan 12ui FreePlay). By far my favourite is the FreePlay, but the i3 is also really good (it just needs lube very often to stay smooth).

I also think the price is very reasonable for what you’re getting. Coming from other sports & hobbies, which are far far more expensive than Cubing, this robot costs less than half of a pair of rock climbing shoes (for example). It’s really a very small price to pay for such a game-changing product.

It has also allowed me to do 100 to 200+ solves a day! Which i never could have done if i was hand-scrambling. Thanks Gan and SCS for this great addition to my Cubing collection!

Steven H.
Love it

I use the robot every day to scramble my cube, trying to lower my solve times.
It works perfect every time.

Gan robot

I like the gan robot it solves cubes under 10 seconds. I like the option that u can use two cubes. In the time im solving one the other getting scrambled.

Zac A.
Fun Product But…

It’s a fun product but it is very expensive. Unless you are a collector I wouldn’t recommend. It is very expensive and after a while it starts collecting dust. It is fun for the first few times and cool to show to your friends or social media. Wouldn’t recommend unless you have $75 to shell out.

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