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The ShengShou 19x19 is officially the world's first mass-produced 19x19! ShengShou has been on fire when it comes to releasing quality big cubes and the 19x19 is no different. Please note that while the 19x19 does turn well considering the size and layers, make sure to be gentle while you are first adapting to the puzzle to avoid popping.

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Too expensive

Good cube tho

Very happy

Although the price is too high, even on sale, I do like this cube.

The design is just like the other newer Sengso cubes. The inner pieces are noticeably small, allowing for a relatively small cube for the number of layers. I have the older Sengso 13x13 and the 19x19 is only slightly larger.

Initially it does not seem to turn well, but after scrambling it feels much better. I expect it will continue to improve as I solve it more. Keeping the layers in alignment is occasionally not easy, but again, I expect this will improve.

My only complaint is caused by the number of layers. with the inner area being 17x17, it is some times hard to see which layer you are looking for. Hard to see which is the center layer too.

The standard Sheng Shou color scheme is good, I wish someone would break free of standard colors.

Side note for Sheng Shou, hoping you read these. Please make small cubes that have small pieces like this 19x19. I would love to have small 4x4-7x7 cubes. And release new versions of the older Sengso designs, a 13x13 at half size would be wonderful.


really impresive. I solved mine in 5 hours and I find it really small for the fact it's a 19x19


It’s a great cube buttes out the 17x17 scrambled it it took me 6 hours but it’s a great cube

it is amazing

it is amazing. i bought it and it turn nicley

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