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The ShengShou Elite Kilominx is the newest challenge from ShengShou after their Master Kilominx! This item moves so smoothly it is insane. The overall build quality of this item is amazing and it is a pleasure to use.


Customer Reviews

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Anthomy p.

Oddd but I love it

Cristian N.
Awesome puzzle and awesome service

Great as always

Aaron W.
Great is an understatement

I ordered this puzzle expecting a stiff, greasy puzzle that would require a lot of adjusting during the solve. To my delight, this puzzle is not actually stiff at all. In fact it almost seems to glide. Before I really get into the review, let me state the two things that slightly bugged me:
The box is slightly bent. I normally keep the packaging for puzzles like this for storage and display but I may throw the box out due to a side being bent.
Two purple stickers are slightly peeling and I notice them quite a lot during the solve. Of course there are replacement stickers to solve the issue so that's not anything major.
Now, onto the puzzle itself.
The outermost layers, to my surprise, are the stiffest layers to turn, getting increasingly smoother as you get towards the center of the puzzle. I got this puzzle in white, and I have to say; The white body makes it easier for me to distinguish between the darker colors, which was a problem for me on black body puzzles similar to this. And of course, as with all large Shengshou puzzles, it came very well lubricated. It took a few solves to get the puzzle moving fluently, so if you get this puzzle and it doesn't turn as fluently as a 3x3 Speedcube, don't worry: Just do a few solves to break it in. Overall, this puzzle has definitely earned a special spot in my collection and in my life as a cuber, and the best part about this puzzle (saving the best for last) would have to be the even number of rows. Additional challenge, extra fun!


Very smooth turning. Similar in quality to the other shenshou large order minxes. Comes pre-lubed (You can feel some residue on the outside of the puzzle).
Come with a set of stickers in addition the stickers already on the puzzle.

David B.
I love this puzzle.

As soon as ShengShou released the Teraminx, I was on the edge of my seat waiting for them to release the even-order puzzle based on it. As soon as the Elite Kilominx showed up, I ordered it. And I do not regret it. I've solved it several times now and it is smoother than I expected, smoother than the Master Kilominx.

Now I'm hoping that ShengShou does a Petaminx and the corresponding even-order puzzle, although I have no idea what superlative they'll use for the 8x8x8 puzzle -- Fabulous Kilominx? Stupendous Kilominx? Whatever they call it, I'll order it.

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