YuXin Gigaminx (Standard)

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Martian Lubricant

YuXin Gigaminx offers major improvements over other models!

Key features
  • Sculpted piece design for better grip
  • Smooth, quick turning
  • Durable, stable mechanism

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
It Works Perfectly Fine

It turns fine. Maybe you could say the corner cutting or the speed could be better or something, but to be honest, it's not a speedcube and it doesn't need to be. It's not hard to turn, and it's basically perfect for a chill solve to calm yourself down after work.

Jessie P.
Really Good Looking, but Hard to Move

First off, this is actually a great Gigaminx for $40. It has a very high-quality look and feel to it. Glossy plastic, good size and has some good heft to it. It looks more expensive than $40. However, it doesn't move as easily as I was hoping based on the other reviews. There are no magnets and, because of the larger size, it can be difficult to turn the various layers. I have large hands, so it's not a big deal, but all the layers need to be perfectly lined up or it won't turn in some directions. Compared to the DianSheng Gigaminx, the YuXin looks much nicer, but it doesn't turn as easily as the DianSheng. But, $40 is hard to beat. I did add some Vortex to the core and some other lube to the plastic (I don't remember which one). If you want to speed "cube" with the Gigaminx, I'd go with the more expensive DianSheng (smaller + magnets). If you just enjoy the puzzle and want something that looks and feels expensive, go with this one. I have and enjoy both for different reasons!

Keaton G.
Great dodecahedron

Great dodecahedron. Super fun. Absence of magnets is unproblematic.

R C.

This is an amazing puzzle. Turns smoother than I expected from such a big puzzle. Takes me around 20-25 minutes to solve, challenging at first.


Great challenge, it popped once and the corner cutting is ok. It normally takes me around 40 minutes to solve.

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