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The Best Megaminx Speed Cube | SpeedCubeShop

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Megaminx is a highly interesting puzzle, consisting of a dodecahedral shape with each face having 5 sides each, in comparison to a 3x3's cubic shape with square-shaped sides. Being a World Cube Association sanctioned event, the puzzle is a great extra challenge after having learned the 3x3, as solving overall is largely similar to that of the CFOP solving method for the 3x3. To get the fastest times, megaminxers have gravitated towards certain products that provide the best in-hand feel, alongside adjustable features and importantly, magnets that help with turning accuracy. Here is our shortlist of the best megaminx speed cubes available as of early May 2022, in no particular order.

GAN Megaminx

The GAN Megaminx is the highest-priced megaminx on the market currently but has been a hit amongst GAN fans and megaminxers alike. This megaminx speed cube is the second lightest available on the market, and slightly smaller than the standard 33mm side length, making for a compact and smooth turning feel, with moderate-strength magnets.

This puzzle uniquely features GAN'S GES spring system, known throughout their 356 3x3 series, which would include a set of different springs encased in plastic "nuts" that were interchangeable. This has been applied to the GAN Megaminx, where extra sets of plastic nuts with springs of varying elasticity are included with the GAN Megmainx, allowing for an extra level of customizablity through adjustment of stability and speed from the interchangeable spring system, something of which only seen elsewhere on the MoYu WR M Megaminx, which in contrast was nowhere nearly as successful in comparison to the GAN Megaminx.

The GAN Megaminx features a frosted plastic exterior, and is available in stickerless only. The GAN Megaminx features slightly concave dips to help with grip, in contrast to the YJ YuHu V2 M and Galaxy Megaminxes which prominently feature well-defined ridges instead. The GAN Megaminx is only 113g, making for a comfortable weight for longer solving sessions.

GAN Megaminx (Magnetic) | SpeedCubeShop

YJ YuHu V2 M Megaminx

The YJ YuHu V2 M Megaminx is the reigning budget champion megaminx speed cube, providing stellar, near-flagship performance for a fraction of the price. This puzzle has a standard size, bigger than that of the GAN and the DaYan megaminxes, has moderate strength magnets and $12.95 is a common recommendation for cubers looking to get into megaminx. Cubers with smaller hands may find other puzzles like the DaYan Megaminx V2 M and the GAN Megaminx more favorable, whilst fans of ridges will certainly enjoy this puzzle in particular. The YJ YuHu V2 M Megaminx has smooth turning and has a glossy-stickerless-only exterior.

Spare swappable black parts are readily available for purchase for improved recognition.

YJ YuHu V2 Magnetic Megaminx | SpeedCubeShop

DaYan Megaminx V2 M

The DaYan Megaminx V2 M was a long-overdue upgrade from the old DaYan Megaminx speed cube, finally including current-flagship features such as magnets, a stickerless design, smaller size and is also the lightest magnetic megaminx available currently, beating out the GAN Megaminx's 113g weight at a featherweight 99g, great for megaminxers who enjoy solving for longer periods at a time. The DaYan Megaminx V2 M also features a slightly side-length, similar to that of the GAN Megaminx [measurement here], so those with larger hands might want to look elsewhere.

The DaYan Megaminx V2 M has an extremely smooth, compact turning experience and has a glossy stickerless-only exterior. Notably, the DaYan Megaminx V2 M lacks ridges, and instead adopts a similar slight-indentation to that of the GAN Megaminx. 

QiYi X-Man Galaxy V2 M

X-Man, QiYi's (QYToys') flagship subbrand, has long been a forerunner in the megaminx space, with their first iteration of the Galaxy Megaminx being the choice of top megaminxers for many years. Their X-Man Galaxy V2 M was highly popular upon release, and has been used to set numerous records officially.

Fans of the more "traditional" sculpted design pioneered by the Galaxy line will be right at home on the Galaxy V2 M.

The magnets that are pre-installed from the factory add huge stability enhancements and have a defined "click" when a turn is completed.

X-Man Galaxy Megaminx V2 M (Sculpted) | SpeedCubeShop

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