Moyu WeiLong Skewb Maglev Overview

Moyu WeiLong Skewb Maglev Overview

Jeremy Sheng Jeremy Sheng
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MoYu has recently released the Weilong Skewb Maglev, a brand new skewb with several new features and innovations.


The Weilong Skewb MagLev features adjustable magnets with 5 different settings and MagLev customization with 9 different settings, allowing for a wide range of different feels to the puzzle. The puzzle is 55 millimeters in size and weighs 72 grams.

moyu weilong skewb


Continuing their trend of purple-internal MagLev cubes, MoYu used purple plastic for the inside of the pieces, giving it a unique look similar to that of the MagLev Weilong WR M 2021 and the MagLev Weilong Pyraminx. The internals also have a new “dragon scale” texture, which reduces the stickiness between layers and allows the cube to turn more smoothly.


The Weilong Skewb MagLev comes with a transparent display box that doubles as a stand, a screwdriver, a magnet adjustment tool, an extra compression piece, and a MagLev adjustment tool. 


The MagLev compression of the skewb can be adjusted by prying off four of the center caps, revealing the compression system underneath. These corner caps are indicated by small dimples in the internal plastic.

The magnet strength of the skewb can be adjusted by misaligning the layers, revealing the magnet. The included magnet adjustment tool can be used to adjust between one of the five settings.


I think it has a good tone to it, a good feel, the corner cutting is pretty good… overall, it feels like a very solid puzzle.

Cameron Brown

Since the cube is highly customizable, a wide range of feels can be achieved with it. On the lower compression settings, it has a very plush, soft feel, whereas, on the higher compression settings, it has a much more scratchy feel instead.

However, the performance of the Weilong Skewb MagLev is arguably lacking when compared to the Wingy v2 or the GAN Skewb, both of which have similar prices. 

For this price tag, I would actually prefer to get the Wingy v2. I just don’t think I could really recommend getting this cube at this price when there’s a cube that I think is a fair bit better.

Jaden (Custom Cubes Team)

Even so, the MoYu WeiLong Skewb MagLev is still an appealing puzzle, bringing new innovations to the skewb market, such as adjustable magnets and MagLev compression. It is highly exciting to see where skewb technology will be improved on in future from the likes of MoYu, GAN, and X-Man Design.

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