WitEden (3x3x7) Cuboid

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The WitEden 3x3x7 Cuboid is the first of its kind and is fully proportional compared to previous 3x3x7 that we have seen.  The rotation of this puzzle is smooth and it is very fun to solve.


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Customer Reviews

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Basically a perfect puzzle.

The puzzle is fun. I love shape-shifting cuboids and I love Wieden. The turning is nice and the shape-shifting moves can get a little catchy but that's just because there are so many pieces. My only problem with the puzzle is that the long white and yellow center caps don't like to stay on. The problem can easily be fixed with some super glue but I'm too scared I'll accidentally bandage the puzzle. I like pulling out the first 3 layers and showing my friends "Look a normal Rubik's cube." Then I pull out the whole thing and start doing shape-shifting moves to blow their minds. I love this puzzle

Mateo P.
The yellow and white centers were poorly attached

When my witeden 3x3x7 came, I scrambled it up and solved it normally. There was just one problem, the yellow center fell off and didn’t go back on. I later had to superglue it, which was annoying. The white center keeps popping out but I just push it back on. When I start shapeshifting the puzzle, the yellow face and the white face don’t turn well at all. It’s hard and extremely stiff. But in the end, I still really liked my 3x3x7. It was challenged and fun despite the unfortunate way it came. Buy if you want, but be warned you may need to fix it before it arrives.

Its Great

good cuboid, not terribly difficult

a good cuboide

so this was my first cuboide I got and I loved it it turns great and I have no issues with it I would recommend it

Seth B.
Pretty fun

The cube turns great, and is fun to solve. The shape shifting is always a fun twist specially when showing friends they love them. Overall very happy with cube and will be buying more in the cuboid series.

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