YuXin Little Magic Square-1

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The YuXin Little Magic Square-1 turns effortlessly and is an incredibly good deal. A unique feature of the Little Magic is that it is 57mm tall and 55mm wide resulting in slightly taller upper and lower layers for more control and comfort.

Magnetic Version Available

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Customer Reviews

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Kameron T.
Good For Beginners

I only recommend it to beginners because it catches a bit and has a bit of a sandy-smooth feeling. With some Martian lube it becomes a lot better and less sandy but still smooth. Still not good enough for competitions in my opinion. But if you're just trying to learn and have fun with it then I highly recommend it to beginners. Overall a good budget cube,

Awesome smooth cube.

I messed up something with my order and I called them and they were really nice and took care of it. The cube is really nice and smooth. I would say that you should get it

Carter S.
Very good for price but blew up💀

I got it and it was really good for its price so i practiced and brought it everywhere i went ( keeping it safe like a baby like you do with your new cubes) but it blew up in the car because the **** came out mid edge flipping alg💀

Will C.
Really good for 7 bucks!

I got this Square-1 because it was the cheapest I could find, and it's really good! It took me 5 days to solve with no help, and during that time I liked the effortless turning that it has out of the box with absolutely no lube. If you have a budget and are okay with a non-magnetic Square-1, then this is the one to get!

Pretty good I GUESS

I got it cus I did't feel like waiting for the magnetic version to restock. Feels very nice to use though, and I'm not sure if magnets would really improve a SQ-1 anyway

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