GAN 251 V2 | Is a Non-Magnetic 2x2 Any Good?

GAN 251 V2 | Is a Non-Magnetic 2x2 Any Good?

Jeremy Sheng Jeremy Sheng
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Nowadays, most cubes come with magnets installed in them to improve their performance. Surprisingly, GAN decided to release the GAN 251 V2, a premium non-magnetic 2x2. Despite lacking magnets, can it still compare to the current flagship 2x2s on the market?


The GAN 251 V2 has the standard frosted plastic common in all of GAN's newer releases. At only 47 grams, the cube is far lighter than other flagship 2x2s. 


The cube offers two options for tensioning (0.6 or 0.8), which can be adjusted using the included tool. If the cube is set to the 0 setting, it will fall apart!


Despite both the 0.6 and 0.8 settings feeling fairly loose, the cube's still maintains its stability and doesn't lock up or pop often.

With regards to corner cutting, the cube is extremely good on both settings, easily cutting well past 45 degrees. 

In addition, the cube's turning is lower pitched and has a premium sound that some cubers may enjoy.

It has a very nice, clacky, deeper tone to it which I really like.

Cameron Brown


Even though the GAN 251 V2 is non-magnetic, that doesn't stop it from being a good cube. Unlike how magnets are essential on big cubes to prevent the layers from misaligning, they're not as critical on 2x2s because the cuber will have far more control over the layers that they're holding. Additionally, 2x2 hardware is far more forgiving with corner cutting than big cubes and the cube will be able to cut through minor misalignments. 

My times actually didn't really differ on the GAN 251 V2 versus something like the MGC Elite.

Cameron Brown

Price and Comparison

The GAN 251 V2 is priced at $16.95, which isn't cheap for a non-magnetic cube. Other cubes, such as the MGC Elite, MGC 2x2, Dayan Tengyun 2x2, and X-Man Flare, are factory magnetized and have similar prices. 

Despite being relatively expensive, the overall premium quality of the GAN 251 V2 help it compete against other flagships. Since magnets aren't as important on 2x2 as they are with other puzzles, some cubers might be willing to give up magnets for the premium feel of a GAN 2x2.


Despite the GAN 251 V2 being non-magnetic, it's still a viable option to solve with. It's very light and has a smooth, buttery feel. If you want a GAN 2x2 but don't want to spend $40 on the GAN 251 Leap, then this cube is a good option. 

GAN 251 V2 2x2

GAN 251 V2 2x2

$ 16.95

GAN 251 V2 2x2 is a non-magnetic update for the popular GAN 251! Overview Light turning feel Excellent corner-cutting Key features GTN tension adjustment system (2 settings) 47g Light-weight design Frosted exterior plastic Accessories included Adjustment tool … >> SHOP PRODUCT <<

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