MGC 4x4 is Dead? Diansheng Solar S 4x4 Magnetic

MGC 4x4 is Dead? Diansheng Solar S 4x4 Magnetic

Jeremy Sheng Jeremy Sheng
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The Diansheng Solar S 4x4 is Diansheng’s newest 4x4 release. Is this cube viable against other top 4x4s such as the MGC 4x4 and AoSu WR M, or is its performance lacking?

Specifications and Accessories

The Diansheng Solar S 4x4 weighs 122 grams and measures 60 millimeters across, both of which are standard for 4x4. It comes in stickerless with the option of black or primary internals, and it costs $17.95. Included with the cube are a screwdriver and cube stand, which are used to tension and display the cube.


Out of the box, the cube is dry, locky, and has bad performance.

I hated this cube out of the box.

Cameron Brown

However, after a little bit of setup, the cube completely changes. Its performance drastically improves, and it becomes much nicer to turn.

I actually get lower times on this cube when it’s set up than I do with the MGC when it’s set up.

Jaden (Custom Cubes Team)

I get better times on this than other 4x4s like the MGC.

Cameron Brown

Despite the Solar S 4x4 feeling slightly loose at times, it’s countered by the strong magnets that Diansheng used, making the cube pretty stable overall. In addition, the cube has a blocky feel which further adds to its stability. With regards to corner cutting, the Solar S is surprisingly good and is comparable to top 4x4s like the MGC.


Once set up, the Diansheng Solar S 4x4 M becomes a surprisingly good speedcube comparable with other top 4x4s on the market. It has excellent value, being 2 dollars cheaper than the MGC and 25 dollars cheaper than the AoSu WR M, while still having top-tier performance. Overall, this cube is definitely a viable contender in the flagship 4x4 market.

DianSheng Solar S 4x4 Magnetic

DianSheng Solar S 4x4 Magnetic

$ 17.95

DianSheng Solar S 4x4 Magnetic continues the Solar series that is designed to be of great value. Key features Honeycomb internal piece design for even lubricant distribution Overview Snappy, fast turning feel Strong magnetic feel Accessories included Screwdriver Display stand… >> SHOP PRODUCT <<

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