Is your GAN cube falling apart? Easy 1 minute fix.

Is your GAN cube falling apart? Easy 1 minute fix.

Ari Ari
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If you have a GAN cube and you're solving it, and it spontaneously just falls apart mid-solve, we have the solution for you.

So, after having either taken some pieces out to expose the centre piece only, or the cube having exploded like in the image above, the first step to diagnosing the issue is to check whether or not the center pieces stays in place. Simply try rotation the center around gently while pulling up on the center piece.

The Fix

If the center pieces readily comes off of the cube, it likely means that your GES system is not properly locked into place.

Firstly, if other pieces of your GAN speed cube are not fully installed, add them back into your cube as shown below.

Take your center piece, and find the small opening on the inside of the center after taking off the center cap. You may find two other small pieces, in particular a spring and a blue colored plastic piece - set these aside as they will be important later.

Line up the opening with the notches that appear on the sides of the metal core, place the center piece in. If these notches not lined up, you will be unable to place the center piece back into the cube.

The next step is to take the GES spring, encased in a piece of plastic. This piece will just sit in the puzzle around the core axis as pictured below.

Lastly is the GES nut, which is going to be the light or dark blue piece, where similar notches to the center piece itself are present on the piece, and will need to be aligned with the core axis.

Once the blue piece is lined up, push down all the way until the spring is fully compressed, then rotate the piece with the fingers about 45 degrees until it locks into place.

Once installed correctly, you can pull on the center piece to ensure the pieces are properly installed.

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