How to Remove Rubik's Cube Spring Noise

How to Remove Rubik's Cube Spring Noise

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So you just got your brand new speed cube and found that there is a slight scratchy or metallic sound when the speed cube. This is known as spring noise, and is easy to remedy in just a couple steps. Read on to learn how to Remove Rubik's cube Spring Noise. 

What is spring noise?

A standard speed cube has six springs under each of the center pieces as part of its mechanism, which allows the puzzles to "snap" back into place after corner cutting. Without springs or similar, the cube would not properly hold its cubic shape, making it more difficult to turn.

Sometimes, the springs may rub up against the screw that holds the spring and center pieces in place, creating friction which may result in a slight scratchy or metallic noise when turning. For some this might not be a big issue, but others may find this rather irritating especially if you are looking to cube as quietly as possible.

What's the fix?

The fix is extremely easy - it just requires a bit of speed cube lube.

Read our full article on speed cube lubricant here.

SpeedCubeShop CEO Cameron recommends Lunar or Martian for the core, but our dedicated core lube Vortex or any thicker lubricant works extremely well in dampening spring noise.

Simply take off the center cap that has the piece that has the spring noise, and apply the lubricant to the gap in between the spring and the screw. After applying a few drops of lubricant, turn the side multiple times to work in the lubricant. If spring noise persists, apply a few more drops and repeat until the spring noise subsides - although keep in mind it is easier to apply lubricant rather than take it out.

Taking the center cap off

Apply lubricant to the core

Turning the side to "break in" or distribute the lubricant around the spring and screw.

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